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By working together we hope to maximize your experience at LK Health, and attain the highest level of health and well-being on your behalf in a warm and caring environment.
Take a deep breath

Our Promise – Our commitment to you as a patient

  • Your care is not defined by your medical insurance coverage but by what your health requires.
  • Personal attention is our priority. We invest the time needed for face-to-face discussion to ensure we are able to listen and respond effectively. Providers attend to each patient with a comprehensive, customized optimal health program.
  • We invest many hours in your case beyond your scheduled appointment—reviewing your history, consulting with other physicians, evaluating lab results etc. for which you are never billed.
  • We are well trained and experienced in using nutritional supplementation and traditional therapies to help achieve your total wellness.
  • Our comprehensive approach to your care will include lab testing which is an integral part of the LK Health approach and necessary to creating a customized Patient Care Plan and a successful outcome on your

Your Part – A personal commitment toward health and wellness

Our approach at LK Health is based upon a partnership. Your commitment to participating in your personal health care program is essential and we look forward to that relationship.

  • The patient has the responsibility to provide accurate and complete information concerning his/her present complaints, past medical history, and other matters relating to his/her health.
  • The patient is responsible for making it known whether he/she clearly understands the course of his/her medical treatment and what is expected of him/her.
  • The patient is responsible for following the treatment plan established by his/her physician, including the instructions of nurses, and other health care professionals as they carry out the physician’s orders.
  • The patient is responsible for keeping appointments and for notifying the office or physician when he/she is unable to keep a scheduled appointment.
  • The patient is responsible for his/her actions should he/she refuse treatment or not follow his/her physician’s orders.
  • The patient is responsible for promptly notifying his/her physician and/or health plan of any situation requiring emergency care or admission.
  • The patient is responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and office personnel.

Laboratory Testing

LK Health has a fully equipped on-site laboratory which is CLIA and COLA certified. However, depending on your health plan, testing may not be covered by your insurance and you will be directed to your health plan’s contracted laboratory.

LK Health does not base treatment recommendations on coverage. Traditionally insurance would be billed for services rendered. However, with recent changes in insurance plans and HMO’s, your plan may or may    not cover specific charges relating to your treatment.  Therefore, it will be the patient’s responsibility to be clear about their insurance benefits. Patients will be notified if their plan does not cover a specific service and will have the option to pay for all non-covered services when services are rendered.  For “covered” benefits, we will bill your insurance.

LK Health offers pre-registration

New and prospective LK Health patients may prefer to register and complete demographics (personal information, emergency contact, and employer information) prior to your initial welcome visit.  By pre-registering you will significantly reduce the registration and wait time.


Once your pre-registration is completed, LK Health will receive notification.  We will then call you to schedule your initial appointment.

LK Health offers NO COST, FREE Services to eligible patients.

These programs include:

  • Child Health
  • Presumptive Eligibility
  • Perinatal Services
  • Family Planning
  • Healthy Families
  • Cancer Detection

To facilitate your initial “welcome” visit to LK Health, please download and complete the specific forms that are outlined below by program in English and Spanish.  By completing the forms in the specific NO COST Program of interest before your first visit, your wait time will significantly be reduced.

If you would prefer to complete these forms at the clinic, no problem.

Child Health (birth to 18 years of age)

Presumptive Eligibility (pregnancy testing)

Family Planning

Cancer Detection

What to Bring to an Appointment

  1. Your current valid insurance card
  2. A photo I.D.
  3. Medical records, relevant and recent labs, and imaging reports

At LK Health, we focus on the underlying reasons for your symptoms and design a comprehensive, individualized treatment program to restore optimum health.  We believe that symptoms help identify bodily systems which may be involved and aid in determining what type of specialty testing is needed to uncover all abnormalities affecting your health and well-being. Our Providers have extensive training and experience in functional medicine, which uses evidence based and scientifically proven methods to heal the body and assist patients in achieving and maintaining optimal health.


LK HEALTH looks forward to your WELCOME VISIT!