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How Do I Get My Test Results?
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Once your laboratory testing is done, you’ll want to receive the results ASAP. Many tests take just a day or two, but a few can take several days and some even several weeks.

The simplest way to view and download test results is to register for LK Health’s Patient Portal. Our HealthCare Patient Portal facilitates better communication between you, LK Health and its providers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office.  You may download test results, a visit summary, or send an E-mail to your provider.  Simply register and enroll today at:

You may also access test results directly from Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, or Foundation Laboratory.


Quest provides several ways for you to receive your laboratory test results, including via your Smartphone or computer. Pick the most convenient method for you.

1. Directly from Quest Diagnostics via Your Smartphone using Quest’s “MyQuest™ Patient Portal”. You can obtain your test results directly from Quest on your Apple® iPhone, BlackBerry® or Android™ smartphone, using the MyQuest™ patient portal. For more information, see the tab Get Your Results on Your Mobile Device.
You may also click here to access a Request Form, and complete to get your test results directly from Quest. Once they receive your completed form, you will receive your test result within approximately 30 days.

For more information, see

2. From LK Health                                                                                                                            

Ask your LK Health Provider to contact you when your test results are received.

3. On Your Computer

LK Health uses the Quest Diagnostics Care360™ system and will release your results to you, so you can access them online. To do so, you’ll need to connect your account with a personal health record program. For more information, see Get Your Results on the Web on the Quest website.


LabCorp Beacon®: Patient
LabCorp Beacon: Patient is a free, Web-based service that allows you to view, download, and print your LabCorp test results. In order to receive your results, you must register with LabCorp Beacon: Patient at:

The Web site is safe and secure, and it’s easy to create an account. Lab test results are released to LK Health before they are released to LabCorp Beacon: Patient.

For your convenience, the “How to Register” brochure is attached (click here).


At this time, Foundation Laboratory can only offer patients test results by visiting their facility at:

1716 W. Holt Ave.
Pomona , CA 91768
Map It

Toll Free: 1 (800) 843- 7190
Results, Client Services, and to Schedule a pickup: Press 1

Or, you may obtain your results through LK Health.

Presently, Foundation Laboratory is working on a patient on-line accessibility, which will be available in the very near future.

Understanding Lab Test Results

Once you and/or your healthcare provider receive your results, you’ll want to discuss them with him/her and decide on appropriate treatment, if necessary. If you don’t hear anything within a reasonable time, ask your doctor if they’ve arrived.

Lab test results may be positive, negative, or inconclusive. Your doctor will discuss what your test results mean for you and your health.

  • A positive test result means that the substance or condition being tested for was found. Positive test results also can mean that the amount of a substance being tested for is higher or lower than normal.
  • A negative test result means that the substance or condition being tested for was not found. Negative results can also mean that the substance being tested for was present in a normal amount.
  • Inconclusive test results are those that are not clearly positive or negative. For example, some tests measure the level of antibodies to some bacteria or viruses in blood or other bodily fluid to look for an infection. It is not always clear if the level of antibodies is high enough to indicate an infection.

What are false-positive and false-negative test results?

false-positive test result is one that shows a disease or condition is present when it is not present. A false-positive test result may suggest that a person has the disease or condition when he or she does not have it. For example, a false-positive pregnancy test result would appear to detect the substance that confirms pregnancy, when in reality the woman is not pregnant.

false-negative test result is one that does not detect what is being tested for even though it is present. A false-negative test result may suggest that a person does not have a disease or condition being tested for when he or she does have it. For example, a false-negative pregnancy test result would be one that does not detect the substance that confirms pregnancy, when the woman really is pregnant.

Some lab tests can give you specific information. For example, your doctor may suspect you have strep throat and order a throat culture to see if streptococcus bacteria are present. A positive lab test confirms that you have strep throat and helps your doctor choose the right treatment for you.

But some tests give only a clue that must be considered with other information to support a diagnosis, identify a risk, or help choose a treatment. For example, your doctor uses your cholesterol levels plus other things, such as blood pressure and age, to check your risk of a heart attack.