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Your story is unique – your treatment plan should be, too

At LK Health your treatment plan is developed just for YOU, then evaluated to fit your UNIQUE HEALING PATH.

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Sexual trauma takes many forms. It can be one event or a series of events that may escalate over time. Sexual harassment, rape, inappropriate touching, being pressured to engage in sexual activity by threat of harm are all forms of sexual trauma. Sexual trauma does not have to be violent to be traumatic. Sexual trauma is “traumatic” when the person involved feels a sense of fear, helplessness, injury or threat of injury. The level of perceived threat and traumatic reaction to that threat is very individualized and almost impossible to anticipate.  For those whose sexual trauma occurred in childhood the feelings of shame and the instinct to blame themselves can be much stronger. As adults, they may be less skilled at self-protection and may unknowingly put themselves in danger of further victimization and exploitation by being more vulnerable in dangerous situations.

Sexual trauma causes lasting changes in the areas of the brain responsible for regulating emotion, thought, and memory. When your brain is hijacked in this way, regaining control is difficult, no matter how long ago the trauma occurred.  Yet your brain is resilient and so are you. Your resilience is a powerful force.

At LK Health we are trained to work with the guilt, shame and relationship troubles that often accompany sexual trauma. Ours is an environment of kindness, empathy and trust which allows you to do the hard work of recovery

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