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Your story is unique – your treatment plan should be, too

At LK Health your treatment plan is developed just for YOU, then evaluated to fit your UNIQUE HEALING PATH.

Emotional trauma can come in various forms including extreme physical harm or danger, or exposure to an event where others are harmed. Physical or emotional abuse, near-death experiences, extreme bodily harm, disaster, and physical or sexual assault can all lead to PTSD.

For those suffering from trauma, everyday activities can become difficult or impossible to perform, even activities that the individual once enjoyed. Sleep, diet and concentration can be affected, and school, work and relationships may become seriously impaired. Many suffering from trauma will avoid triggers, which are people, places or events that cause the person to relive or re-experience the original traumatic event.

Trauma can make it difficult for people to have healthy relationships. Issues of trust and an inability to feel safe may make them avoid relationships, or they may find they are drawn to similar personalities that traumatized them in the past. Without treatment, individuals who have suffered at the hands of abusers may find themselves repeating unhealthy patterns throughout their lives.

PTSD may develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event.  At LK Health we understand that the effects PTSD are profound and debilitating taking their toll on the mind as well as the body. We also know that PTSD is a difficult knot to untie. You and those who love you have probably been looking for answers for a long time.  You may be frustrated that as time goes by the symptoms don’t just go away. Those close to you may be confused as to why you can’t just let it go. If you could, you would, and that’s why PTSD requires professional treatment. Know that PTSD can happen to anyone. It is not a sign of weakness.

For Families

When someone you care about suffers from PTSD, it affects the entire family. The symptoms of PTSD aren’t easy to live with, and the changes in your loved one can be downright terrifying.
LK Health treats the symptoms that often travel with PTSD; guilt, shame, substance abuse, depression and relationship troubles as well as the core trauma that is causing the symptoms. We create an environment of trust which allows the hard work of addressing the principal trauma.

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